About AnnMarie

AnnMarie Hoyt Profile PicGreetings!  Thank you for visiting my website.  My name is AnnMarie, and I’m a storyteller.  I am a writer, blogger, and digital & social media marketer.   I’m also a wife, mom, avid reader, and I have a secret desire to someday be a polyglot.  When not online you can find me cheering on my favorite sports teams or watching amazing local theatre.

I am currently working directly with non-profit organizations, helping them tell their stories in this digital world. I also teach journalism and am working on my first novel!


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“AnnMarie is an innovator with a keen sense of organization. In just a short time she has led us down a new and exciting path of great advancements for our station’s social media. AnnMarie has been a pleasure to work with as she adds unique ideas and charts a solid path for our social media presence. She can use events as they are happening to strengthen our social media relationships with partner churches and ministries across multiple platforms. She also works hard to develop new relationships and has a great ability to see opportunities in this area. AnnMarie is a true professional who has become an integral part of our production team.”

Doug Prusak, Manager, Production & Programming, Good Life TV45


“AnnMarie is one of those extraordinary individuals with an eye for detail, and isn’t satisfied unless she’s given 100 percent to a project. As a student in my graduate course, Introduction to Multimedia Communications, she consistently turned in stellar work with solid viewpoints; presented new, interesting information in a well-written format; followed instructions; and never missed a deadline. She sets the bar high for herself in all she does, and not only reaches that bar, but ensures that she soars above it with her dedication to the task at hand. She is the epitome of what a graduate student is: conscientious, able to accept feedback and improve, and focused. These skills will transfer over to anything she does post-graduate school. I highly recommend AnnMarie for any role.”

Jaclyn Sherman Rhoads, Adjunct Professor, Graduate Program, College of Journalism & Communications; Founder & Owner of GrowGators.com

“I met AnnMarie in the Communications and Social Media Graduate Program at the University of Florida. We took several classes together and worked on delivering multiple projects and presentations. Working with AnnMarie is a pleasure. She’s knowledgable about social and digital media and has great ideas. She’s strategic about her output and possesses superior verbal and written communication skills. AnnMarie is a team player and someone who is reliable even in stressful situations. Her positivity is contagious. I would highly recommend her to any employer looking to hire.”

Aldona Tront, Social Media Manager & Strategist at Local Vox Media


“I’ve known AnnMarie for nearly two years and she is nothing but a joy to work with. AnnMarie and I worked together on a project to promote The Geneva School. Her extensive knowledge, organizational skills, and willingness to be a team player was evident throughout the project. She was easy to work with and went above and beyond to ensure tasks were completed.  Bottom line: AnnMarie delivers results and solutions with a smile.”

Hampton Ray, Former Legislative Aide at the Office of US Senator Marco Rubio; Social Media Strategist


“I met AnnMarie more than a year ago in graduate school. I have worked with her in different group projects related to school work. AnnMarie is very proactive, responsible, organized, very good at attention to detail, and a very positive person to work with. Working with her was very pleasant because of her good character and her desire to cooperate. She was always available and willing to give that extra mile. Also, she brought a lot of knowledge about social media in her field, which was very useful to me and the rest of the group. I really appreciate having the opportunity of working with AnnMarie.”

Celeste Martinez, Owner, Buzzworthy Creations; Retail Displays Specialist, Social Media Personal Trainer