My Email To God

This blog is about social media marketing, and we’ve been looking a lot at different kinds of content marketing and integrated communications. Well, today I’d like to focus on email marketing, and I’m going to use myself as an example. I’ve been asked to market myself, so I’ve crafted an email blast that I’d send out to my ideal employer. This is going to be unconventional, but I wanted it to be genuine, so here it goes. . .


Dear God,

My name is AnnMarie Calo, and I am so happy to be working for you.   I know you’ve been with me since I was a little child growing up in church. I loved seeing my father speak your words of faith, hope, and love from the pulpit each Sunday morning. Watching my mother quietly work behind the scenes, not wanting any credit, just desiring to serve you while serving others. Church was always one of my favorite places to be; I grew up feeling like your house was my home, too.

As I grew up, I grew closer to you. Sometimes I stumbled, and you caught me; I made mistakes and you helped me to see the reasons behind them. I have certainly not lived a perfect life, but I have been trying. Seeking. Serving.

I was blessed to be hired as the Youth Director at a church in Orlando, Florida and to stay there for several years. You used that time to help me see how I could use the skills you gave me to point others to you. This was a revelation. I designed webpages and wrote large and small scale youth program outlines and handbooks. I learned how to research and teach. I recruited and managed volunteers.  You were laying a path for me.

I was fortunate to attend programs at Princeton Theological Seminary’s Institute for Youth and Theology. These Forums helped me to grow as a Christian and as a ministering professional. I became a better teacher and communicator. I learned more about integrating technology in ministry. Then I spent time reading and researching books, while working at a Christian conference center, as their book store manager.

Sometimes I’ve strayed and this path has become wild and rough, but I always felt you there and knew you were with me.

I want to live my life for you, God. Can you lead me once again? When I see companies like the Kendrick Brothers and Pure Flix, I get excited about what you’re doing in the entertainment field. It would be wonderful to work with those pioneering folks.  Even Central Florida company, Journey Box Media is showing exciting and relevant content that shares you with the world.  When I visit a new church, I instinctively begin to see what I could do to help them with their communications — especially if they’re not using integrated marketing to best reach people with their message of hope.  I love seeing churches near and far leveraging technology and integrated communications to reach your people.  Real Life Christian Church and Life Church — who actually does church online — are two great examples of this.

I truly love where I currently work.  I work at a Christian school as the marketing coordinator where my focus is on the management of the school’s social media platforms.  Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, I’ve seen tremendous growth in engagement.  I also have the opportunity to teach the yearbook class and several enrichment classes that have helped me grow both in my planning, leadership, and my design skills.

Recently, I was invited to join the team at Christian television station, Good Life 45 as their social media manager.  It’s an exciting time of new branding and the production of new programs like “Welcome Home” and “Real Talk.” It’s hard to think about asking for more.

What I will ask for is continued opportunities to serve you and help share your love with the world.  I believe that you’re leading me on this path to help me become better equipped to continue to serve in you in the communications field.  Being a part of the University of Florida’s MassComm Master’s program is certainly doing that!  Perhaps the names of the places I work for will stay the same, or maybe they’ll change.  My ideal situation is wherever you want me to be, Lord.  So, instead of asking for more, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and to let you know I’m ready for whatever comes next.  Here I am.  Send me.

2 thoughts on “My Email To God

  1. I have to admit, I wasn’t quite sure where you were going with your post when you first started, but you really came through; great post, AnnMarie!

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