Work Samples

Creating a New Blog for a Client

AnnMarie is a big proponent of blogging for SEO and inbound marketing.  As the social media manager at television station, Good Life 45, she implemented an editorial calendar to help prevent staff members from being overburdened with the thought of having to blog too much.  Repurposing content is another way to make sure your staff is working smarter, not harder, when it comes to having good, regular blog content.

TV45 Blog page

Using Instagram for Audience Engagement

Instagram is the perfect platform to give people a look behind the scenes.  Whether it’s a television station on production days, chronicling visitors and show guests, or a private school giving parents a look at a typical school day, this visual platform is the perfect choice to help increase your audience engagement.

AnnMarie implemented a campaign called “Instagram Tuesday” at The Geneva School in Winter Park, FL.  On Tuesdays, select faculty, staff, and students were chosen to share a day in their lives on the school’s Instagram account.  This campaign has resulted in a huge increase in followers and engagement for the school’s account.

Instagram Tuesday -H Medina

TGS instagram Tuesdays

Vine — A Study of the Platform

AnnMarie shares about the development, uses and relevance of the social media platform, Vine.  Is Vine right for your brand?  If you’re looking for a creative way to connect with a younger audience, it may be!

Vine Prezi


Sample Social Media Engagement Campaign

AnnMarie & her team put together a proposal for educational purposes about the best tool to help with inbound marketing.  The team conducted research analysis determining that a blog would be the best choice for their subject.

TGS Prezi



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